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White Wash Floor Priming

If your tired of your traditional wood floor colour and looking for a more contemporary feel to your home then a white washed floor might be what your looking for. They have become hugely popular with our customers because of its dominant trend in interiors the last few few years, white wash floors can be teamed beautifully with a matt finish as it give that modern/ scandinavian inspired effect.

We often get asked if it’s possible to remove the “yellow” look on wood floors. The reason wood floors can turn this yellow/honeycombe colour is due to the type of varnish on the floor. Generally when sealing/varnishing wood floors a clear A/C varnish is used, it’s an excellent varnish as it is extremely durable and hard wearing, it’s brilliant for high traffic areas and commercial floors. Although this varnish is clear it can slightly stain the wood floors yellow and can become a deeper yellow throughout the years. For clients looking to completely move away from this look we recommend a white wash primer with a waterbased finish. Waterbased varnishes are great to avoid that “yellow” colour and are not as harsh in odour compared to an  A/C varnish, but they are not as hard wearing.

A really popular choice for our domestic clients is to use a white wash primer with a waterbased sealant. A white wash primer works better on an oak or pine floor. The transformation is incredible and really changes up the space, giving it a much brighter and modern edge.

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White Wash Priming

At RH Wood Floors the product we use for Whitewashing is Bona White Floor Primer.

Bona White Wood Floor Primer levels up the surface and it will seal the wood to prevent high varnish absorption. Besides that, it will create a nice scandinavian finish on lightly coloured wood surfaces. Some pine floors could look light yellow or ark yellow. One coat of Bona White Floor Primer will even up the colour and it will create a white “ash” finish. 2 coats if you are looking for a stronger/brighter colour. The level of whiteness will depend upon the number of coats applied. The aim of Bona White Floor Primer is to brighten up wood floorboards. If you are unsure on what level of brightness you are looking for, our crew can lay some samples in a small area for you to choose.

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Bona White Wood Floor Primer can be used on any solid or semi solid wood surface. The surface has to be sealant free because the primer has to penetrate deep and react with the wood fibre to change the colour, therefore a full sand is always necessary on floors that are already sealed.  It can be used to prime all types of wood surfaces but it looks great on brighter coloured wood fibres.  It requires overcoating with a water based or a solvent based finish.  We would always use a waterbased sealant to prevent any yellowing.


How much will a Whitewash it cost?

The cost of Bona White treatment is typically the same cost as if you were to opt for a varnish finish, depending on how many levels you wish to go up. Why not give us a call on 087-6268100 to discuss options?

Previous Whitewash Projects

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How we achieve the Scandinavian look using Bona White






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