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Why Choose Us For Reclaimed Parquet Installation?

New Parquet Flooring is our specialty, that‘s why we are Irelands Top Rated Parquet Flooring Installation company.

Our 20+ years of exceptional Quality and Customer Service is unrivaled in Parquet Flooring. We Supply, Install and finish all types of Parquet flooring including Herringbone Floors. To find out why we are the customers preferred choice for Parquet Flooring just call 087-6268100 or contact us.

Restoration of old parquet flooring can make it just like new. Because of this, your old tired parquet floor blocks can be returned to their natural beautiful state if they are sanded and treated properly. Now sanding parquet is not the same as sanding traditional floorboards. Therefore you need to have specialist sanding machinery that takes the different directions of the wood grain. But our eight crews have over 120 years experience between them and they can make you’re old like new parquet flooring again.


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solid vs engineered wood floors

Types Of Parquet Flooring

Solid Parquet

Solid parquet floor tiles are exactly what they say, they are made milled from a single piece of timber. They are solid throughout.

Engineered Parquet

Engineered parquet is a popular cost-effective option when looking for a durable parquet alternative to solid hardwood. Because the finished look is identical to that of solid wood, allowing you the same creativity with beautiful, stylish and luxurious patterns in your home while bringing greater durability to moisture and temperature changes.

Most importantly parquet flooring allows you to create something unique in a room that can have different effects on the atmosphere depending on the particular pattern chosen. There is usually a 3mm wear layer of wood (Oak, Teak etc.) which is fixed to a plywood backing giving stability.

A professional sander can take 1mm off the top which will allow you to re-stain or freshen the floor.

To help you select the best Parquet Flooring Contractor, I have the 7 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR FLOOR, HOME & FAMILY.You can download it for free Here or view our video...all part of our Customer Focused Service.

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