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About Sports Hall Sanding

A sports floor is completely different to the floor in your home. The wood may be the same but there is a world of technology that goes into a sports floor.

The sub-floor, installation and finish coating are all unique in a sports floor. There is an element of “give” to protect your back, knees and ankles. While you may not realise it, every time your foot hits the floor of a basketball court / gym floor / sports hall, etc. it sinks slightly and springs back. Of course you don’t notice this but it is hugely important for your bones and joints. Modern floors generally achieve a European DIN rating for slip resistance.

Sports Hall sanding and refurbishment is one of our specialties at RH Wood Floors.  The majority of older floors are 2 ¼” solid Maple wood floors and can look fantastic when refinished.

To find out why we are the customers preferred choice for wood floor sanding just call 087-6268100 or visit our Google Reviews here. If it is domestic floor sanding Dublin click here to view our Floor Sanding Page.

Sanding The National Basket Ball Arena

When the National Basketball Arena Tallaght needed theirInternational Court Refurbished there was really only one company to call . . .us!! I rushed right over as they had an international game coming up and needed the court refinished and line-marked. Check out the video to see how we go on:

Line Marking

Line marking is the norm for us. Usually Basketball, Badminton and
indoor soccer courts are required. For the Department of Education, we
do a standard 9 court layout consisting of four Badminton, three
Basketball, one soccer, and one Volleyball. These gym flooring courts are
normally 608m2 whereas community sports hall centers are generally
about the 200m2 mark. The normal colours are:

  • International Basketball - Black
  • Cross-court Basketball - Blue
  • Volleyball - Green
  • Badminton - White
  • 5-a-side - Yellow

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