Call now on (087) 626 8100
Call now on (087) 626 8100

Customer Parquet Design

By far the most common design you will see in Parquet is the classic herringbone design.

This is where the pattern develops from the centrally laid spine of the design.
It is a classic for a reason, simply beautiful. But as with all things in life variety provides the spice and there are many options when it comes too patterns and designs available to you. We will show you many different custom flooring styles. What pattern suits a particular sized room. How light or the type of timber can affect the parquet design.

Custom Parquet Design Options include:

  • Mosaic

  • Basketweave

  • Blockwall

  • Versailles Panels

To find out why we are the customers preferred choice for custom parquet flooring just call 087-6268100. With eight flooring crews on the road every day around the capital we can have somebody drop by to speak with you. Answering any questions you may have about parquet flooring. See what other customers have said in our Google Reviews here.

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Custom Parquet Case Study

This is a custom Parquet floor design we completed in Rathmichael Co Dublin. It consists of an interweave of Versailles Panels and oak herringbone. The classic herringbone was designed to draw your eye inwards from the entrance, then in the more spacious  and relaxing areas the large custom parquet Versailles panels were used as a calming design feature at the entrance to the swimming pool. The emphasis for the client was to connect two parts of the home which before this were quite separate. Because of the warm tones of the natural the client chose a stain which gave the oak a soft honey tones. So even on a cold day the space always appears warm to the eye. 

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