Floor Sanding V’s Floor Buffing

hardwood buffer machine

Thinking of buffing or sanding your hardwood floor? Let us  help you differentiate between the two and decide which one works best for you. Most commonly, wood floor refers to any product resulting from timber that is specifically used for flooring. It can be either structural or aesthetic. Flooring structures made from wood arrive from […]

Herringbone Floor Installation

smoked oak wood floors

When it comes to installing herringbone parquet in your property, there is a common belief that it is just like any other other type of wood floor to install. A good Carpenter or Wood Floor Fitter will understand the complexity of the installation of herringbone parquet and always advise the customer that this should be […]

How to Know When Your Wood Floor Needs Sanding & Refinishing

worn wooden floor

There are some great ways to tell if your floor needs sanding and refinishing. The first thing you need to do is check an area of the floor that gets the most traffic – hallways in general get the most traffic. Pour a very small amount of water onto the section of the wood you […]

Staircase Ideas to Match your Custom Solid Wood Floors

dark stain and painted staircase

When you’ve chosen the perfect solid wood flooring for your home  it’s time to start thinking about the stairs that you are going to install. After all, the wood floors are the foundation for the overall design, and you want them to be as warm and inviting as possible. The stairway you choose needs to […]

Smoked Oak Floors

dark smoked oak floor

Fumed, or smoked oak is oak wood flooring which has been treated to change its colour.  Fuming or smoking involves putting the oak into an enclosed environment in which ammonia is introduced into the atmosphere.  This enclosed environment might be a closed tank or a sealed tent or some form of container into which only […]

When To Replace or Repair Your Wood Floors?

old floors

It’s might be tempting to want to under budget when it comes to flooring—it can be very expensive and yet, flooring is the largest expense of material in your house. It really sets the tone for your whole design. Sometimes what you see is what you get—you take up a carpet to reveal beautiful wide […]

How To Care for Wood Floors Correctly

mop on wood floor

Did you know that wood floors lose their lustre because of a build-up of micro-scratches caused by dirt and grit that scratch the floor when we walk? These small scratches are invisible to the naked eye, but cumulatively have a big impact on the appearance of your floor. Another factor that affects the appearance of a […]

Why Boards Shrink In Winter

dark wood flooring

Your wood floors react to temperature and humidity changes inside your home.  During the winter we crank up the central heating in our homes, this reduces humidity in your home. Low humidity not only dries out your skin and sinuses, just as low humidity affects us, it also affects wood flooring. It also doesn’t matter […]

Lime Washed Floorboards

white wash floors dublin

Lime washed floor boards has become a popular floor finish option lately. They have become the new favorite for many homeowners. A lime washed floor give a modern and natural look. A lot of people refer to this look as the Scandinavian/Nordic look, which is hugely trending as of late. Limewashing is also called liming […]

How to Remove Water Stains From Wood

wood floor collage

We were recently  featured in The Sunday Times “Home” magazine and are are often featured in Home Magazine and Newspapers. This article from the 29th August we were featured in the “Home Help” section, this is where a reader asks writes in for advice regarding their home to an expert. In this case our very […]