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Wood Floor Installation Dublin

Wood flooring is not just a product but a lifestyle choice which when installed correctly will give years of enviable style to your home. The attention to detail is absolutely critical when installing wood floors as short-cuts can become a huge irritant, particularly if you are looking at them daily for 20 years!

As our norm, door frames and stair stringers are undercut to give a clean crisp finish, fireplaces are framed out to allow expansion, the hallway floor is aligned with the longest wall to get the aesthetics just right, etc.

A well-crafted floor is a beauty and joy forever, an ambiance is created by spreading out the joints so no clusters occur, using the best pieces of timber in front of the fireplace as it’s the focal point of the room, etc.


Reclaimed wood flooring
nwfa installer

NWFA Certified

We are the only flooring company in Ireland to have full NWFA training to know when a wood floor is laid “just right” and conversely when it’s not. Call us today to discuss your flooring project as it’s the attention to every last detail that counts...

As you can imagine, there is a lot involved in a professional wood floor installation. Important details like proper acclimatisation, sub-floor preparation. Things to consider like how moisture affects wood and correct install procedures need to be taken into consideration to prevent a flooring failure.

We’re happy to say that we have  years and years of experience in fitting wood flooring without any incident and hundreds of references to boot. We take our time. Check all the boxes of as completed. We proceed through the preparation and installation stages and we don’t ever take shortcuts.

To help you select the best Wood Floor Installers, We have compiled 7 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR FLOOR, HOME & FAMILY.  You can download it for free Here or view our video .. all part of our Customer Focused Service.

No matter where you are in the word we can look after you!

Don’t take it from us. . .here’s a testimonial from one of our clients in Sydney, Australia

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