How To Repair Wood Floors

Your wooden floor is integral to the look and style of your home. So when that floor needs some TLC to bring it back to its former glory, turn it over to our expert team of wooden floor refinishers.

Whether your wood floor has suffered scratches and claw marks from the family pets, scuffs and knocks from the kids, general wear and tear, or a major accident has caused serious damage, it’s always best to call in the professionals. Specialist wood repairs require expertise, experience and the right equipment. It is often the case that repairs, both minor and major, come to light prior to renovation. Many of these repairs involve tiny flaws that require the delicate touch of the professional to maintain the natural beauty of your floor.

A professional assessment can save a fortune in the long run. Before any repair work is undertaken give us a call for a no obligation, free professional assess your floor.  This gives you peace of mind and minimal upheaval, as well as saving money in the long run. Ensuring all repairs are carried out before sanding, polishing and staining prevents the need for further restorative work later on.

RH Wood Floors are passionate about wood floors so you can be sure we will treat every repair, small or large, with specialist skill. Every repair we make is, in a sense, an exact science because the individual flaw must be eradicated completely if it is to disappear under the finishing. Amateur attempts at restoration work, that is less than perfect, can appear magnified underneath the finish.

We were chosen for one of the largest restoration projects in the country – Cork Court House.  Four of us worked for nine months in Cork to completely restore the old pitch pine boards, Court Rooms, Galleries and Judges Chambers.

Floorboard removal

If the flaw cannot be repaired then you may need to replace a damaged board. We can remove the offending board and source a match that is as close as possible to the original before inserting it into the floor and giving it a final treatment so that it blends in perfectly.

Floor Board Replacements

Wood floor repair techniques range from replacing boards to gap filling, sanding and buffing to bring that professional finish to all your flooring repairs. Our experts really know their business and these repairs should be virtually invisible by the end of the process. This result can only be achieved by utilising the expertise of skilled specialists and hi-tech machinery that you won’t find in any DIY superstore or plant hire centre.

After the repair comes to finishing. In the case of repair work the choice of finishing should match that which is already on the floor. If you’re concerned about the impact to the planet, ask our flooring experts about finishing products that are environmentally friendly and free from toxins and harmful odours when applied.

You’ll hardly know we’re there!
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