dust free sanding dublin

Benefits of Dust Free Sanding

Dust Free Sanding Dublin

It’s fair to say that Wooden floors are one of the most popular choices when it comes to floors in domestic homes in Ireland. However they do require maintenance every few years depending on use, this is where sanding comes in.

Floor sanding is the process of removing the very top surface of a wooden floor using a machine with fine abrasives to flatten the floor and smooth out the wood. This process gets it ready to accept a new finish. Sanding and refinishing  truly brings back the woods natural beauty and leaves a beautiful smooth finish.

When you think of traditional sanding methods, you probably imagine clouds of sawdust filling the air and protective masks. Traditionally, sanding was not a pleasant job and quite dangerous for the air quality of a home, kicking up clouds of dust and making the air unhealthy to breathe. It also left your home a complete mess, with thick layers of wood dust coating every surface, making it almost impossible to clean.

We sometimes get concerns from customers regarding the dust and mess that comes with having their wood floors sanded. By using the latest technology and best quality in Dust Free sanders we are able to guarantee a 98% dust free environment when sanding your home. But what about the 2% dust that remains you ask? Don’t worry, all our crews have help from “Henry the Hoover” to take care of that!


RH Wood Floors are Ireland’s Experts in Dust Free Floor Sanding. We have revolutionised Ireland’s floor sanding industry since we first introduced dust free floor sanding to Ireland in 2004. This makes wood floor refinishing a cleaner, healthier renovation option. You no longer have to accept carcinogenic dust and toxic fumes when you choose RH Wood Floors as your wood flooring craftsmen

Our equipment

We only use the highest quality professional wood  sanding machines. Lägler offers the most comprehensive and highest-quality range of machines for the professional sanding of wood floors and the preparation of sub-floors. They are world leaders in professional dustless sanding machines and are extremely powerful and reliable.

 dust free sanding dublin  dust free sanding dublin


Benefits of dust free sanding

  • It’s quick.
  • It’s safe.
  • There is no lingering dust or debris.
  • It’s safer for asthma and allergies.
  • Your ventilation system will remain clear of debris.

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