Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Why Choose Reclaimed Parquet Flooring?

Up-cycling with reclaimed parquet flooring can bring instant gravitas to any space. The beauty of aged parquet can give you the vintage feel without the need to put in all the years it takes to get the look.

Get creative with reclaimed parquet flooring, there is more to these wood blocks than just herringbone floors.

We have been working with reclaimed parquet flooring in Dublin for a long time and while the herringbone pattern is a beautiful classic style. Because it is not your only option.

There are wonderfully attractive patterns available for you to consider. The beauty of reclaimed parquet flooring is that sometimes the timber itself can suggest the best pattern to bring out the beauty in the floor.

reclaimed parquet floors in kitchen

Remember that the dark colour you see on a reclaimed block will be lightened back closer to its natural colour when we sand it after installation.

It is amazing to see this transformation happen in your home. The old battered parquet flooring you picked up in a salvage yard like Wilsons will look like new when we have worked our magic.

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Reclaimed Parquet Floor, Case Study

On this project, our client managed to lay their hands on fabulous reclaimed Oaks blocks from a Chateau in France.

Because we laid them in a  traditional herringbone pattern with a two block border it lets you feel the age of the reclaimed parquet flooring. Chevrons are used as a feature to transition to the hall. We had to Craft a half saddle to the bedroom and sourced reclaimed Oak for an “old look” entrance steps. . . Loads of Elbow Grease mixed with care and attention. Equals a smashing reclaimed parquet floor.

If you like the look of this reclaimed parquet flooring have a look at these pictures of a new house we did in Dublin using some beautiful reclaimed parquet flooring from Wilsons Salvage Yard

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