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Are you an Interior Designer?

We understand that you may have any number of projects ongoing across multiple locations on any given day. The clients want everything yesterday and for half the price.  So you need to know that when you hire a company that they will do what is required, when its required and with the minimum of impact on your client base.

We can provide you with a full BOQ in plain English to make things as clear as possible for your client.

Our custom Stain solutions offer you a multitude of options beyond store-bought colours to impress your clients with a bespoke look.


solid oak wood floors

At RH Wood Floors

  • One Stop Shop For All Wood Floor Projects
  • 120 Years flooring experience within our 8 teams
  • Bespoke Parquet Work
  • Sand & Varnish / New Install / Repairs
  • We Fit For Some Of The largest Flooring Suppliers In The Country
  • Single Point Of Contact With Dedicated Operations Manager

To find out why we are the preferred choice for wood floor sanding just call 087-6268100 or visit our Google Reviews here.

Careful planning and adequate resources are key to achieving a quick turnaround for your customers, we will do everything in our power to show you in a good light for having chosen us for the project.

To this end, we will assign you your own operations manager who will be your point of contact throughout the project, regardless of what stage the project is at.

We can provide you with our full certification should your clients require it. We are also affiliated with the Interiors Association 

If you are an interior designer call Russell now on 087 626 8100 

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