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Dust Free Floor Sanding Dublin

Looking for Floor Sanding Dublin? RH Wood Floors are Dublin and Ireland’s Experts in Dust Free Floor Sanding. We have revolutionised Ireland’s floor sanding industry since we first introduced dust free floor sanding to Ireland in 2004. This makes wood floor refinishing a cleaner, healthier renovation option. You no longer have to accept carcinogenic dust and toxic fumes when you choose RH Wood Floors as your wood flooring craftsmen. Along with sanding we can also repair and install– solid wood flooring, engineered flooring and parquetry.

Sanding is usually the initial step of the wood floor restoration process. Floor sanding  removes the damaged/uneven top layer of the wooden floor and smoothen’s it to prepare your floors for varnish, that will protect it for years to come. Each type of wood and type of flooring has its own character and qualities. Therefore, our approach to floor sanding and restoration differs on each flooring project to deliver the best result.

Our extensive knowledge of various wood floors allows us to recognise any wood floor and it’s condition, this makes us the best Floor Sanding company in Dublin. Therefore we are able to  ensure that we perform the most appropriate sanding techniques, at a relevant depth, to achieve superior results.

What Floors can be Sanded?

Engineered Wood Floors

When choosing to have your engineered wood floors sanded it is very important to have this done by a professional to eliminate any risk of over sanding or completely removing what is usually a 3 mm top layer of wood. Choosing a professional floor sanding service like RH Wood Floors for your engineered wood floors will guarantee that there is no damage done to your engineered wood floors and that the life span of your floor is maximized.


Parquet Wood Floors

Another example that proves floor sanding and varnish is a craft that is better left to professionals. Because parquet flooring comprises of small pieces of wood whose grains run in various directions, parquet floor sanding should be performed with specialist multi directional floor sanders to ensure a smooth and elegant appearance. To learn more about our Parquet Sanding service see here


Hardwood Floors

Require professional techniques in both sanding and varnishing. This type of service requires not only extreme care, but also a quick and prompt completion to ensure great result. Solid wood flooring is extremely vulnerable to external conditions (as it is a hygro-scopic material) such as humidity and once sanded it should not be exposed unprotected for very long time.

before and after sanding and varnish on parquet wood floor

What happens after sanding?

Wood floor sealing is the process of covering and protecting the sanded floors with the most appropriate type of sealant such as varnish, wood floor lacquer or wood floor oil. Depending on the type of wood floor and the anticipated use, we can recommend the most suitable sealant for your wood floors. We use only the highest quality wearing oil and water based products.

What is floor staining?

All our quotes are based on products by leading floor finishing manufacturers including Morrells , Junckers and  Bona. All of these products offer exceptional durability and commercial level of hard wearing. They include water based, low VOC products, as well as some traditional solvent-based lacquers and come in Matt, Satin and Gloss sheen level.

Wood floor staining is the process of changing the colour of your floors with the use of specific wood floor stains.  For our Our Wood Floor Staining Page service, we use a range of high quality wood floor staining products including Morrells, Bona and Junckers. They provide a rich palette of colours to satisfy your individual needs and preferences.

before and after varnishing a parquet wood floor
hummel dust free sanding machine sander

Our Equipment

At RH Wood Floors only use the highest quality professional wood  sanding machines. Lägler offers the most comprehensive and highest-quality range of machines for the professional sanding of wood floors and the preparation of sub-floors. They are world leaders in professional dustless sanding machines and are extremely powerful and reliable.

Drying Times

After sanding and 3 coats of varnish/sealant your wood floors should be dry within 1- 2 hours. We advice that you wear only socks for the first 72 hours as the varnish is dry but not fully cured.

NWFA Certified

We are the only flooring company in Ireland to have full NWFA training to know when a wood floor is laid “just right” and conversely when it’s not. Call us today to discuss your flooring project as it’s the attention to every last detail that counts...

We’re happy to say that we have  years and years of experience in sanding all types of wood floors without any incident and hundreds of references to boot. We take our time. Check all the boxes of as completed. We proceed through the preparation and installation stages and we don’t ever take shortcuts.

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"We have sanded over 15,000 Domestic & Commercial floors in Dublin"

collage of sanded floors. before and after sanding work examples

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