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RH Wood Floors - Ireland’s number one Wood Floor Contractors. Over the years we've built up 8 teams of amazing craftsmen. We have sanded and installed floors all over Dublin and we our proud to be Dublin's highly rated Wood Flooring Company. Our team together have over 125 years of experience and have completed over 13,000 floors to date.  Our track-record is second to none. What separates us from the rest is our experience and knowledge.

We are the only Wood Floor Contractors in Ireland to be certified with the NWFA (National Wood Floor Association) who are the World Centre of Excellence in Wood Flooring.

We specialise in wood floor sanding, engineered timber flooring, solid wood flooring, parquet flooring and installation. We love Custom Design such as Versailles Panel, Basket Weave, Board Bending, Custom Stains, etc.

At RH Wood Floors we pride ourselves on delivering every aspect of your flooring wants and needs, from product supply to install, all the way through to maintenance and aftercare. With expertise in installation, parquetry and sanding we create floors for customers to live with forever.

- Russell O'Halloran

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We are Ireland only NWFA certified floor contractors

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We offer a full 5 year warranty on all our work

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We are Ireland's highest rated floor contractors with over 200 Google reviews





Staircase Ideas to Match your Custom Solid Wood Floors

When you’ve chosen the perfect solid wood flooring for your home  it’s time to start thinking about the stairs that you are going to install. After all, the wood floors are the foundation for the overall design, and you want them to be as warm and inviting as possible. The stairway you choose needs to …

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Smoked Oak Floors

Fumed, or smoked oak is oak wood flooring which has been treated to change its colour.  Fuming or smoking involves putting the oak into an enclosed environment in which ammonia is introduced into the atmosphere.  This enclosed environment might be a closed tank or a sealed tent or some form of container into which only …

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Do Wood Floors Change Colour Over Time?

The simple answer to this is yes, wood flooring will change colour over the years. Wood is a natural product and changes in colour will occur due to the wood’s reaction to the environment. A dark wood such as walnut will lighten and a lighter wood species like oak, will darken. It is common for …

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Restoring a very old & dirty pine floor

Work Required We received a call from a newly married couple who were completely redecorating their old terraced house in Dublin 2.  After lifting the carpet, they found a very dirty, worn out looking wood flooring. They had debated whether or not to cover using laminate flooring – thankfully they done some research beforehand on …

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Benefits of Floor Sanding in your home

While some flooring trends constantly go in and out of fashion, one style has stood the test of time and proven itself to be a timeless classic – the bare wooden floorboard. Very often, houses are hiding fantastic looking floorboards under worn out carpets – and when this is the case, all you need to …

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When To Replace or Repair Your Wood Floors?

It’s might be tempting to want to under budget when it comes to flooring-it can be very expensive and yet, flooring is the largest expense of material in your house. It really sets the tone for your whole design. Sometimes what you see is what you get-you take up a carpet to reveal beautiful wide …

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