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Parquet Floor Sanding


On a normal plank floor, sanding is a straight forward operation, in that all the boards are going in the same direction and you go with the plank direction.

On a parquet floor, every wooden tile (depending on the pattern) is usually at 90 degrees to its neighbor.  Meaning that a regular belt sander will remove more timber from the tiles where it is against the grain, leaving you with scratches over 50% of the floor.

If you intend to stain you parquet floor these scratches will be amplified by the contrasting colours you get across the entire floor, ruining the final appearance.

Because we have over 120 years experience in just wood flooring between our 8 crews. Certification by the NWFA for sanding parquet. Certified by the major manufacturers of the specialist machinery for this type of work “Hummel & Bona”. Bona has also trained our crew in the correct use and application of stain and seal after parquet sanding.

To find out why we are the customers preferred choice for wood floor sanding just call 087-6268100 or visit our Google Reviews here.

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At RH Wood floors we have dedicated machines and systems designed especially for parquet sanding floor tiles. We have a specialist with experience and training for all patterns and wood types.

It is complicated and you need to take your time. But then that is why you want to get a professional. A bad sanding finish will show itself every time you look at the floor.

Because a good sanding job will bring a parquet floor back to life and enhance the space it is in for years to come.

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