Sports Hall Installation

Installing sports hall flooring in a new gym or community centre is a big investment. So you need to know it will be done right. Whne it comes to sports hall floor installation, we have installed dozens for local communities and the Department of Education throughout the country.  These vary from 200m2 to 1,000m2 with various sub-structure systems, floor types and line-marking requirements.  The total square meters of sport halls that we have installed to date would cover the pitch at Croke Park twenty times!

We have also refurbished sports floors all over Ireland. The majority of older floors are 2 ¼” solid Maple which look fantastic when refinished. Your folks danced on these to the tunes of The Royal Show Band, Joe Dolan, Big Tom & the Main Liners and many more, but that’s another story and quite some years ago. More modern floors generally achieve a European DIN rating.

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wood floor sanding - national basketball arena

When you have installed a sports floor you then have to maintain it. Depending on the amount of traffic it gets this can be every 10 to 15 years. Was well as installing gym flooring we also maintain them for you. We will sand, varnish and line mark to your needs and specifications.

The key aspect of sports floor refinishing is choosing the correct varnish. If the floor is too slippery then falls, trips and slips will occur giving rise to a serious liability. We have specialist sports floor varnish that gives added resilience for indoors games and negates the liability of slips and falls. 

This video is of the work we did sanding, varnishing and line marking the National Basketball Arena in Dublin.

Line marking is a norm for us and usually Badminton and indoor soccer courts are required. For the Department of Education we do a standard 9 court layout including four Badminton, three Basketball, one soccer and one Volleyball. These courts are normally 608m2 whereas community centres are generally about the 200m2 mark. 

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