True story about emergency fitting of a floating engineered parquet floor for Christmas

Floating an engineered parquet floor for Christmas

This is the story of how one of our clients was let down by another floor fitting company who doubled booked them. They were left with no floors at all in their home having ripped out their old floors before the the arrival of the fitters and all of this three weeks before Christmas. When they realised that they had been abandoned they started looking around and found RH Wood Floors on line. We were able to step in and finish the job for them our of hours over the weekend. The engineered parquet floor that they got from Wilsons Yard up in Co Down is beautiful

This video has its tongue pressed firmly in cheek but we are recreating the owners reaction when they found out, this is how the story was relayed to us. It took Alex a few goes to get into charter and he wasn’t sure that this was the type of language a professional floor fitter should be using but as you ca see he got there in the end.

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