Santa Cant Deliver A New Floor For Christmas But We Can

Just having a bit of flooring fun with our friend Santa. 

Did you know that if you call us today we can get your home floors sanded before Christmas in the Dublin area. You should know that we have a much better success rate than Santa has in this video. With eight sanding and installing crews on the road all the time we can make sure your house looks its best this Christmas. With most homes we can get in and out in about a day depending on how large the floor area is. We have a full range of stains and varnishes (the modern ones dry quickly and don’t smell like the old toxic varnishes). No matter what type of wood floor you have, we have worked on a similar floors sometime in the past.

We can repair sand & Varnish any solid or engineered wood floor and because we have our own carpentry crews as well we can also repair or replace any damaged flooring also.

If you have any questions or would like an appointment why not  call Alex now on 087 6268100.

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