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Everything just seemed to be working out for Canice this week. He just got more tax refunded to him than he bargained for and decided to treat himself to a brand-new wood floor installation.

He seemed to be very excited on the phone when he first called looking for a quote. It was only when our flooring expert went over to offer a price on what he wanted done when we found out the reason for his mood. Canice had always been interested in wood flooring in general but just couldn’t save up enough to get one installed without some sort of unexpected expense ruining his plans.

He told us a story about how a couple of years ago, he had a similar situation in the sense that he came into some money and was ready to finally get his dream oak floor installed in his home. After receiving a few quotes and finalising the price with another wood floor installation company, they kept pushing the date back week after week which frustrated Canice. When it was finally time to get the job started, this company we will not mention asked for a higher price than what was originally agreed. Canice was heart broken and had to cancel the whole operation for now, all because of some dodgy floor installers he had been put into contact with. He then just mentioned how he had some car problems not long after and he was no longer able to afford his dream floor.

We at RH Wood Floors felt touched by his story and wanted to do our very best to revive the situation and finally get this man his oak wood floor. He happened to be just down the road from us in Tallaght and we would easily get the work done as soon as possible. Within a week of him calling, we gave him a quote and even got the work started.

The whole job only took a few hours in the end since we sent over all available crew members to install one floor after the horrible past experience with wood floor installers. We got started on the agreed time and left a few hours later. Canice couldn’t be happier with our work and we really appreciate his wonderful review. Thanks again Canice.

If you have any questions on this project, or would like to discuss your own project, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 087-6268100 or email us at info@rhwoodfloors.ie You can view our collection of 5 star reviews here and also watch some of our customer’s testimonial videos here. RH Wood Floors offer a free home visit to discuss your plans, measure up and provide a personalised quote just for you, all backed up by full certification from The National Wood Flooring Association. Thank you for considering RH Wood Floors.

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We have worked dust free sanding all over the country so if you look at Google Reviews you will see that we have more 5 Star reviews than any other sanding company.

Sanding Parquet flooring is a totally different skill and requires a level of understanding and appreciation for the grain of the wood to get it right. 

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