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We have been contacted recently by a very wealth Irish man who will remain anonymous for this article. He had just bought a rather large, Victorian style home in Maynooth filled with expensive furniture and features throughout.

One of the largest rooms in the house was described to us as a grand piano room and is also the room we had been told some work needed to be done to its wood floor. When our flooring specialist arrived to the site, he was greeted by a specialist carpenter who was personally hired to fix up the majority of the newly owned Victorian home. Although he was an expert carpenter, he was not one hundred per cent confident on his wood floor restoration skills. He also didn’t have the time to complete this h8uge floor with the rest of the house still to be completed.


This room was full of expensive furniture and just looked amazing but, we still expected it to be a regular sanding and varnishing with maybe a few floorboards replaces. In the end this is what we were tasked with. The only problem was the size and weight of the grand piano in the room. This room’s main feature was an old, larger grand piano which had been there for many years. The entrance to this room made it impossible to get a grand piano out since it had three short steps leading to the main entrance.

The owner of the house knew this would be a problem but had seen our huge amount of Google reviews and had been recommended us by a friend in hope that we could figure out a solution to his problem.


Luckily, we did have the perfect solution. Every other piece of furniture in the room, expensive or not would need to be removed before we got started. The plan was to start off with the couple of replacement floorboards that needed fixing. After this was supposedly completed, the half of the room the piano was not situated on would be sanded and varnished first. This was then to be left a couple of days to dry completely. It was then going to take about six fully grown men to carefully move the grand piano over to the completed part of the room. This would be a very delicate procedure as the piano had to be lifted and set in place without dragging on the floor whatsoever. One mistake here and the grand piano could be damaged, or the freshly sanded and varnished floor could be scratched.


Our plan had many steps before it was deemed as completed but, in the end, we pulled it off. We even decided to go the extra mile and help them move the piano back to its original position without damaging both the floor and the piano in the process. Although the owner did not want to give away his identity, he is allowing us to publish this article and some images to coincide our description of the room.

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