How to Remove Scratches & Watermarks from Wood Floors


With time passing, most wood floors can become prone to problems. For instance, wood floors are most likely to be scratched than any other type of floors. These can range from minor surface imperfections to serious structural problems, either or, both can be unsightly. Here is what we can be done to repair this surface […]

Floor Restoration, Sanding & Staining – Case Study

Floor sanded, stained and varnished

Peter in Dublin called us in October looking for us to assist him with an exciting restoration project he was undertaking on his house over the following few months. We firstly had a very enjoyable chat with Peter over the phone to get to know him and importantly begin to understand what it was he wanted to achieve […]

Benefits of Floor Sanding in your home

floor sanding machine

While some flooring trends constantly go in and out of fashion, one style has stood the test of time and proven itself to be a timeless classic – the bare wooden floorboard. Very often, houses are hiding fantastic looking floorboards under worn out carpets – and when this is the case, all you need to […]

Why Boards Shrink In Winter

dark wood flooring

Your wood floors react to temperature and humidity changes inside your home.  During the winter we crank up the central heating in our homes, this reduces humidity in your home. Low humidity not only dries out your skin and sinuses, just as low humidity affects us, it also affects wood flooring. It also doesn’t matter […]