Sanding in Dublin 12

Alana, her husband and two children live in this small house in south Dublin for the last year and have been doing it up little by little. She had old carpets down from the previous owners and wanted to try salvage the original floors but give them a more modern twist.

We arranged for Jason to call out and chat through some options to her and she decided to go with the Bona Whitewash. Her floors were quite dusty and darkened from all the years of being covered by carpets but it wasn’t going to stop us bringing the back to life.

We were two days in total sanding and coating her floors and completely changing the look of the house for her. She was amazed on how good the floors came up and loved the whitewash look it was exactly what she wanted.

Alana will get many more years from her original floorboards that had been hidden away for all those years. Another wonderful job completed and another delighted client….. Rh Wood Floors, making the impossible, possible.

Living Room Sanding

sanded pine floors
sanded and varnished pine floors

Hallway Sanding

old floor boards
white wash floors on pine floors
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