wide plank floors

Sanding and Repair in Terenure

Nikki has her parents house on the rental market for the past few years and gave us a call to come out and check the original floors for sanding.

We had Jason on call out and do a site visit with her to see what her options were. The last tenants hadn’t taken care of the floors and they were left scratched, worn and quite dirty. Nikki was hoping to keep the original floors and she had great memories of the home as a child so pulling the up or covering them was a last resort.

After careful doing some moisture tests and accessing some minor damage we were happy that we could bring the floors back to their original beauty. Nikki was delighted and wanted to get started as soon as we could no matter what the cost but here at Rh Wood Floors we kept the Costings down but finishing high. Our crew sanded back her floors and finished with a high traffic waterbase varnish to bring the floors back to their former glory. Nikki was so happy she couldn’t believe it when she called to the house the next day, it’s all in a days work here at Rh Woodfloors….. RH Floors making the impossible, possible.

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