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Reclaimed Parquet in Rathgar

Phase 1. 2019

For this project our client Ann-Marie chose teak reclaimed parquet blocks from Wilsons . Here we worked on the Snooker Room. Brass was a very dominant feature in the room with huge brass semi dome lights fittings over the snooker table. The clients design team based the design around these huge these huge brass domes. Ann Marie decided to do the wall light fixtures, sockets and cast iron valve fittings in brass. We inserted a brass inlay as a boarder to the 2ml old style parquet blocks.

Phase 2. 2020

Ann Marie contacted us again in 2020 to book in for phase 2 of works. This phase we would be working in the living room and landing.

Ann Marie wanted us to uplift the old 3 and a quarter inch pitch pine floor that was laid in the living room and instill it in her landing to keep in character with the original staircase and bedroom floors. This wood was beautiful but pretty old so uplift and reinstall was done slowly and carefully by our expert carpenters.

We  refitted the pitch pine floors on the landing, filled and repaired and damaged boards and gave it 3 coats of a/c (oil based) varnish.

Once the pine floor was carefully uplifted from the living room, we insulated with environmentally friendly hemp, re-supported the joint structure and covered with a breathable draught proof membrane. 18ml plywood was then installed directly over the joists. The same reclaimed parquet blocks we had previously installed in phase 1. were chosen again for the living room and were installed.

The 10ml brass inlay was cut to size and installed as a boarder to the parquet floor.


The installed parquet blocks were the sanded back and swamp filled to remove any gaps and then we varnished 3 coats with an oil based varnish to keep in character with this beautiful period house.

Ann Marie and family were thrilled with the outcome.




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