Reclaimed wood flooring

Reclaimed Parquet Floor In Terenure Dublin

For this house refurbishment and new extension in Terenure Dublin. The client wanted to achieve a more lived in look for the new build. So they went to Wilsons Yard to find a suitable reclaimed wood floor.

Now Wilsons are one of the few salvage yards in Ireland that will take the time to prepare the wood properly for you. As a floor installer there is nothing worse than arriving to start  a project where the reclaimed wood blocks are dumped like turf in piles on the floor. Wilsons  supply bales so you know just how much you have.

More importantly you know that all the tiles are the same size and they will have cleaned up the tongue and grooves. If you have ever had to clean the old bitumen off parquet blocks you know just how important this is.

The extension had a new concrete floor so the moisture content was an issue that held us up installing the parquet. In the end we applied a liquid Damp Proof Course to seal and protect the wood because it wasn’t drying fast enough.

As well as the herringbone parquet we had to create the bespoke steps timing the two rooms together.

When we finished installing the parquet the client chose a hard wax oil finish which really completes the look.

So a new build that looks lived-in and beautiful was achieved.


Reclaimed wood flooring Reclaimed wood flooring


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