Pub Floor Restoration in Rathgar

Kieran contacted us last week with a very exciting floor restoration project that he is currently undertaking in a cosy Irish pub!

With the hugely positive news in recent weeks with regards to the lifting of restrictions, Kieran and his team decided that they wanted to revitalise the pub and give it a bit of love before the grand re opening.

We had a very productive chat with Kieran when he rang detailing all of the services that we can offer as well as arranging a call out to the premises to get a detailed up close look at the floors and to share our expertise and knowledge with Kieran.

During this visit we discussed in detail each of the varnish and stain options available for Kieran to put on his floor and also what exactly the floor repairs would consist of too.

We take huge pride in the quality and consistency of our work here in RH Wood Floors and taking the time to ensure that each and every one of our customers are thrilled with their finished floors is our top priority that we have set out.

Once Kieran and Jason had concluded their discussion about the floors the last thing Jason made sure to do was to provide Kieran with a highly detailed and clear quote of exactly what we would do to restore the floors. The benefit of providing this as part of our service was that now Kieran knew exactly what the job consisted of as well as being able to take as much time as he wanted to review details such as price before deciding how he wanted to proceed.

In the few days following our call out to Kieran, he did have a few more questions about the restoration project but these were all addressed during a prompt and detailed phone call with our Customer Care team in the office.

We then proceeded to work with Kieran to finalise work dates and got to work in the pub!

This particular job consisted of two stages. The first was to replace a section of the floor that was quite damaged and worn. Jason was able to uplift the damaged boards and carry out the necessary checks underneath the boards before replacing the previous boards with new boards. This was now all of the necessary floor preparation done before we proceeded to sand.

We then completed this fantastic restoration project by sanding all of the floors and finishing each of the floor areas with a clear varnish to seal and protect the newly finished floors.

Kieran was understandably absolutely thrilled with the end result on the floors. They look completely new and in great condition again. An extremely happy end result for all involved as Kieran also very kindly left us a glowing google review.

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