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Parquet Kitchen Floor Restoration

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Tony had just bought his dream home out in Howth with his lovely wife Caroline and their two kids. Tony always wanted to live by the sea and be a Head Chef in a high-quality seafood restaurant. He recently achieved his dreams after being offered the position of Head Chef in the arguably the best seafood restaurant in Ireland, the Aqua restaurant in Howth. This was the crucial factor in their relocation to Howth.

Every aspect of their new dream home was perfect, except for one crucial factor; the kitchen was unfinished. With Tony being a Head Chef and his wife Caroline an Interior Designer, we knew we had high standards to live up to! Especially as Caroline had designed the rest of the house. The final touch for their dream home was to fit a stunning parquet floor. This would bring a bit of flavour and personality to their very modern designed kitchen and house.

Having viewed our 118 Google recommendations for projects involving installing new wood floors and wood sanding in Dublin, they decided that RH Wood Floors were the perfect partner for the job. Caroline had also received glowing reports from members of the Interiors Association of Ireland of how good we are at our jobs.

Tony and Caroline contacted us and we agreed on a starting date within a few days. Our Sales Manager decided to personally measure and price out the full cost of the project as he knew how important this final step was for the clients. Discussions went well and everything was planned out and agreed.

A beautiful parquet floor was chosen to be installed throughout the entire kitchen and we would have to be extra careful not to scratch any of the new appliances that had already been installed. We were very aware of the importance of this final room for Tony and Caroline especially due to them working in their respective trades.

We wanted to start and finish this particular project as soon as possible. Not only was the rest of the house finished, but the cold, dark, concrete floor was ruining the heart of their new home. We were also concerned about the health and safety aspects for their two small children, who had been effectively banned from entering the kitchen without adult supervision due to the state of the current floor.

The project went perfectly according to the agreed-upon plan. From the collection of the wood,  the installation of the parquet floor, through to the finish applied. Tony and Caroline rightly went for a clear varnish finish to bring out the stunning natural grain and hue of the wood.

After the floor was finished, Tony very kindly offered some of the key crew members involved a free meal in his restaurant. Let’s just say that the rest of the crews were extremely jealous that they had not had the chance to work on such an amazing floor project and of course, had missed out on such a fantastic feed to celebrate its completion!

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We have worked dust free sanding all over the country so if you look at Google Reviews you will see that we have more 5 Star reviews than any other sanding company.

Sanding Parquet flooring is a totally different skill and requires a level of understanding and appreciation for the grain of the wood to get it right. 

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