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Mother and Daughter Wood Flooring Gifts

A few months previously, RH Flooring had been contacted by Brenda to complete some work for her mother Janice as a birthday present. Her mother was thrilled with the work we had completed and the end results we had achieved for them. Knowing of our experience in wooden floor sanding in Dublin, Janice began to form a plan.

This time it was Janice who contacted RH Wood Floors with a real challenge in mind. Janice wanted us to sand her daughter’s floors because we had done such a good job previously in her own house. The challenges were that we would have a short time-frame to complete the work and most importantly, it was to be a complete surprise for Brenda!

Janice had planned for RH Flooring to complete all works whilst Brenda and her husband were away on holiday for a week, using the spare key she had for her daughter’s house. Luckily, Janice was well prepared and contacted us a whole month before they were going on holiday.

Knowing the background of the situation, we instantly told her we could get the job done since this was so important to her and us. Janice asked us to sand and stain her daughter’s hallway, and open-plan sitting room and dining room area. This didn’t concern us at all as we had the time to prepare and the experience, man-power and knowledge on how to deliver this project.

Over the next couple of weeks, we decided to prioritise two days early in the week to ensure there was enough time to get the work done and leave sufficient time for the floor to completely dry.

When it finally came to the day of reckoning, our owner Russell decided to help out as he felt touched by the mother-daughter story and wanted everything to go perfectly for them. However, without having prior access to the house, it turned out that the floor and hall were significantly bigger than the estimated measurements supplied. Even with prioritizing two full days for this relatively small project, it was now going to be a real challenge to meet the deadline.

Luckily the RH Wood Floors crew got there very early in the morning, co-ordinating with a second, smaller crew to arrive later in the day to finish off the sanding. The next day took three separate trips, each consisting of applying another layer of varnish and stain each time.

Finally, the floor was finished and looked amazing. To complete the surprise for her daughter, the crew decided to help move all the furniture back into position to make the most of the surprise for Brenda. Whilst this is not typical on most projects we get involved with, we knew it would add to the impact of seeing her new floor and it was also a ‘thank you’ to a repeat customer we valued.

Another deadline had been met and another wooden floor refurbishment had turned out perfectly. We felt proud to have gone above and beyond to help this kind, loving family in any way we could and hope to hear from them again in the future.

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