Installing Solid Indian Rosewood Herringbone in Kildare

Marie from Kildare contacted us last August in relation to getting a quote to install a new floor in her living room. We scheduled her for an appointment to meet our senior carpenter Jason. Jason measured Marie's living room, discussed a few options with her and gave her a detailed quote at the ens of the consultation. Because Marie was looking to install a new wood floor in her living room, Jason advised her to visit our friends at Canadia to choose a floor she liked. Marie chose a beautiful Solid Indian Rosewood Herringbone Floor from Canadia. After Marie had made the decision to lay the beautiful Indian Rosewood Floor, we scheduled Marie in for works.

Indian Rosewood is an exotic solid herringbone floor, boasting incredible fluctuations of colour. This floor has an interlocking grain that gives character to each block, while the deep tones are perfect for adding a warm and luxurious feel to interiors.⁣ To protect the innate aesthetic, it is finished with a high-quality lacquer, providing an extremely practical, yet natural floor finish.⁣ Special order only.

Jason's first job was to ensure that the floor was completely flat to lay the herringbone flooring. Once this was complete, Jason started to lay the Indian Rosewood. Jason had 20 square meters of flooring to install and the installation took approx. 2 full days to complete.

Jason finished up the carpentry work by adding new skirting in the room along with new beading and door trims. The final step was to apply a high quality lacquer to protect this beautiful floor.



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