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How to Remove Water Stains From Wood

We were recently  featured in The Sunday Times “Home” magazine and are are often featured in Home Magazine and Newspapers. This article from the 29th August we were featured in the “Home Help” section, this is where a reader asks writes in for advice regarding their home to an expert.

In this case our very own Russell O’Halloran was the expert for “Elaine” .



“Heavy rain has stained a pinewood window frame. Light sanding was applied, with poor results. How can these stains be removed? Also, can wax be removed from a pine ceiling? It was applied several years ago.?”


Russell O’ Halloran – Managing Director of RH Wood Floors


“First, when it comes to removing the stains caused by rain, the amount of sanding that is called for depends on the level of damage. Light sanding has not worked for you but heavy sanding might, although if the wood was damaged and the rain seeped in – causing a black streak – you will not be able to sand it out. In that case you should fill in in with wood filler and then varnish over it. A small black streak may remain but it will look a lot better. You will need to replace the frame if the is a structural issue, for example, if the wood has started to rot.”

“For the ceiling your best option is to take down the ceiling boards one at a time, sand them and return them. “


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