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How To Care for Wood Floors Correctly

Did you know that wood floors lose their lustre because of a build-up of micro-scratches caused by dirt and grit that scratch the floor when we walk? These small scratches are invisible to the naked eye, but cumulatively have a big impact on the appearance of your floor.

Another factor that affects the appearance of a wood floor is a build-up of cleaning product residues, causing floors to look dull and grimy in places. Preserving your floor’s shine, however, can be simple. Here are our tips to maintain the look of your wood floor for longer.


1. Sweep and Spray

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You should be sweeping regularly and keeping an eye out for debris that needs to be picked up promptly. Grit and debris left on or walked into, a wood floor can abrade the floor’s coating, causing your floors to wear quicker or worse still, create scratches.

Clean up any spills quickly with a spray mop, as some types of liquids can cause permanent marks if left on the floor for a long time.


2. Your Secret Weapons: Doormats and Rugs

Doormats and rugs can do a great job of protecting wood floors. An abrasive doormat at the entry to your home ensures that grit and dirt isn’t dragged inside and dragged around the wood floor by shoes and a rug will add an extra layer of protection.

Placing a rug or runner in high traffic areas of your home will keep your floors in peak condition. Shoes off inside the home is ideal but keep socks on if you can. Oils and moisture from bare feet can affect wood floor coatings over an extended period of time.


3. Prevent Scratches With Felt Pads

Stop Scratches in Their Tracks


Place some felt pads on the bottom of your furniture to avoid creating scratches when moving furniture, sitting down on dining chairs etc.

4. Keep Dogs Free From Dirt

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Dogs are dirt magnets. They like to run around and explore when on their walks or even in the back garden. Be sure to clean their paws with a pet-safe wipes before they come inside to minimise the dirt and debris that makes it onto wood floors . Trimming their nails  to avoid damage caused when they scoot across the floor. Always wipe dogs paws and nails before entering the house. Ensure their coat is always dry before entering the house, damp and wet fur will damage to the wood floor and may lead to warping throughout time. When Toilet Training, Use An Anti-Odor Spray. This will help disrupt your dogs natural instinct to remark his territory in the same spot, and of course make sure that the chemicals won’t damage your floor.



5. Minimal Mopping Moisture

This one is going to make keeping your floor clean so much easier. Instead of a mop and bucket, use a spray mop.

Your floors should be dry approximately one minute after mopping them and a spray mop gives you much better control over how much water is going onto your floor. Too much water can cause wood to swell, shrink, crack or rot.

You should be able to pick up a good quality spray mop for under or you can purchase, we always recommend using Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit.


6.  Use The Right Timber Floor Cleaner

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There are a lot of cleaning products to choose from and when you’re overwhelmed in the supermarket cleaning aisle, it’s easy to grab any product without checking the label.

Do your research to find the best and safest cleaning products to use on your type of floor but as a general rule, you should be using a neutral floor cleaner.

Avoid acidic cleaners, especially vinegar as acid-based cleaners can wear down floor coatings over time.

Be mindful of how much cleaner you’re using, too. More cleaning product doesn’t necessarily mean a cleaner floor and you may end up working even harder to get the residue off your floor.



Still Not Happy With How Your Floor Looks?


RH Wood Floors offers a range of wood floor services, including sanding, tailored to what your floor needs. Our services can minimise or completely transform worn and scratched areas of your floor and include the application of coatings that can protect and nourish your floor for years to come.



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