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Herringbone Floor Installation

When it comes to installing herringbone parquet in your property, there is a common belief that it is just like any other other type of wood floor to install. A good Carpenter or Wood Floor Fitter will understand the complexity of the installation of herringbone parquet and always advise the customer that this should be assigned to Professional Floor Fitter.

Installation of herringbone parquet flooring usually involve few very important things, that would guarantee the longevity of your parquet flooring.

  1. Preparation of the base
  2. Professional Parquet Installation
  3. Finishing in site

Each of the steps above are crucial for expert job and will also increase the longevity of your flooring

 herringbone installation

Professional Parquet Fitting

While different people would have different skill levels when it comes to basic home carpentry and other tasks, installation of herringbone parquet flooring is definitely not a DIY job. Apart of skills and appropriate machinery, to properly install herringbone parquet, the job will require something more – Experience. A professional floor installer like RH Wood Floors  would have the knowledge and experience to deliver the job to perfection.

herringbone floor

Why Choose RH Wood Floors to Install Herringbone Parquet

RH Wood Floors usually work much faster than people with less knowledge in parquet floor laying.  Apart of their speed of work, which is an obvious advantage, Professional Herringbone installers are usually a lot more precise in their work.
Herringbone parquet is a classic parquet pattern which require small wood blocks to be laid individually. This, on its own, creates quite a big chance for human error. And with Parquet flooring all will be clearly visible at the end.

Finishing Herringbone Parquet

When talking about unfinished herringbone parquet, it often requires light sanding and polishing, using professional floor sanding equipment, as well as knowledge and experience of how to use it. Depending of the type of the floor finish that you would like to apply on your floor, there are some relatively easy for application finishes, as well as some that can only be applied by professional.

In order to ensure that the Herringbone parquet flooring is properly polished and prepared for finishing, professional floor fitter knows the correct procedure for this, which will ensure that the floor surface will be smooth, and clean of imperfections.

smoked oak herringbone installation smoked oak herringbone installation   smoked oak herringbone installation


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