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Anne contacted us a while back with a big project in mind. She had recently bought an old, worn out house in Trim, County Meath and was looking to restore it. We were not fully aware at the time how big of a project this was. Anne had this to say once we finished “Recently the guys from RH Wood Floors completed a job for me, my floors were re-sanded, fixed and varnished to a high finish and the place looks like new. Very happy to recommend this company, from the first day I got my quote to finished work.”

Anne herself was formally an estate agent and was now looking to buy and flip houses. She had a different contact for each part of the house she needed fixed. Luckily for us, we had the pleasure of working with Anne a few years back when we sanded and stained a floor of hers in a tight time frame for her open house. She was so impressed with us back then that she knew we were up to the task for this house. 


One of our flooring experts went out to have a look at it. Upon arrival he realised that when Anne talked about restoring the house, she really meant it. Every inch of the house was being restored. From the electrics and insulation to stairs and paint. The house was packed with people, all involved in different ways to help restore this house.


Anne asked us to completely restore the three massive bedroom floors upstairs. One room just needed a sanding and staining, another needed the same with a couple of floorboards replaced while the final room was in too bad of a condition and needed a brand-new floor. We now needed to find some wood flooring that would match the old style of the other rooms and still be functional. On top of that we only had a couple of days to complete this project since we could only begin work after all carpenters and painters were completely finished.


It just so happened that just a couple of weeks before this a friend of our owner Russell decided to replace his old wood floor with some new, modern laminate flooring instead. He asked Russell if he wanted the old floorboards and after a close inspection, Russell took them. There was plenty of wear left on them and just needed to be sanded down a few millimetres.


These floorboards happened to be a very close match to Anne’s floor too. They were installed, sanded and stained to match the other floors just in time of Anne’s deadline. There were even enough floorboards to replace some of the damaged pieces in the second bedroom. After the stain was applied, you would not even be able to tell the floors were actually different.

Since we finished in the time frame Anne needed, she was able to leave sufficient time for the floors to dry and get furniture in for her pre planned open house. She later congratulated us on how many compliments our wood floors got and how helpful it was to sell the house.

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