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Another brilliant floor for our former customer. This is the second time we have worked on a floor for Keith and will might not be the last. We really showed our wood floor staining class with this one. Hopefully in about fifteen years we will be back, when our floors might only begin to show signs of fatigue.

This wood floor staining project was shot and sweet, just like Keith’s review. It reminds me of the last wood floor sanding job we completed for him just a few months back. That job was in two of the bedrooms upstairs in the same house with a similar wood grain and colour.

Keith told us about how he was considering getting his downstairs floors refurbished too but he just wanted to see how we got on with the bedrooms first of all. Then a few months pass by in a flash and we’re back, hungry for more. It was actually our owner Russell who answered the phone to him and instantly recognised who it was.

Keith got on so well with the crew last time which Russell was a part of due to a few out from illness. This is what convinced Russell to go out and quote Keith’s floors this time and have a little catch up. He had spoken to us last time about not being able to afford to get the downstairs floors sanded and stained for quite a while so we decided it was only right to cut him a little slack and knock a bit off the price as a reward for actually coming back to us. We were happy to see he reflected on the pricing in his review but didn’t give too much away so not everybody will be expecting discounts.

Keith gave us the ideal date and time for us to arrive and we met his expectations. He had also already picked out what exact shade we should stain the floor as it was just the same as upstairs. Our expert wood floor sanding and staining crew arrived at eight o clock on the dot, leaving just enough time for Keith to say hi and let us in and leave for work a few minutes later.

Our crew came prepared with the latest in sanding and staining technology and managed to bang out this floor in just one day. The timing couldn’t have been any better since the final coat of stain was being applied to the perfectly sanded floor just as Keith arrived home. It was a pleasure working with you once again Keith, take care.

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We have worked dust free sanding all over the country so if you look at Google Reviews you will see that we have more 5 Star reviews than any other sanding company.

Sanding Parquet flooring is a totally different skill and requires a level of understanding and appreciation for the grain of the wood to get it right. 

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