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Over 12,000 floors sanded around Dublin and counting.

Dublin Sanding Crews

When it comes to floor sanding in Dublin and Ireland, RH Wood Floors are the experts. We have eight sanding crews on the road every day in Dublin and the surrounding counties. We are the largest dedicated wood flooring install and maintenance company in the city.

How to get your floor sanded in Dublin

When you call 087 6268100 we will get a member of the team out to meet with you assess the sanding job and give you a detailed breakdown which will let you know.

What options are available for you

How long the sanding job will take

What is involved 

How much it will cost to complete sanding and sealing your floors. (This will be a detailed breakdown of all the charges involved in the work)

Before the floor sanding work starts

If everything is acceptable to you, You will then be contacted by our operations manager who will schedule the works at a time that suits you. They will be able to get into any particular requirements that the floor sanding works require for you. They will also be your main point of contact throughout the process.

Depending on the scope of works involved in your project the site manager will be the person you meet on-site who will oversee the sanding.

Because we are the biggest dedicated one-stop shop wood flooring company there is always somebody for you to speak with. Our installation and repair experience means we have a world of knowledge about wood flooring that we bring to your door when you hire us.

To find out why we are the customers preferred choice for wood floor sanding Dublin just call 087-6268100 or visit our Google Reviews here.

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