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Floor Sanding Ranelagh

RH Wood Floors was contacted my Anna who had just moved from the United States into a beautiful Georgian home in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. She was undertaking a complete renovation of the house and contacted us to get a quote for sanding and varnishing and stair restoration. Anna explained that she was looking to have works done as soon as possible as her and her family were looking to move in. We arranged an appointment for Anna the next day and one of our specialists called to her home to review the house and to provide Anna with a quote. Anna was very happy with the final cost of the work and after researching many floor contractors she decided to go ahead with us based on our knowledge and our great reviews. Because Anna had a very tight time frame for this project she needed us to start works as soon as possible and thankfully we were able to start the following Monday.

 floor sanding dublin



The floor in Anna’s house was covered top to bottom in carpet and was in desperate need of updating. Anna was curious to see what condition the floor was in underneath the carpet. After removing a small section of  the carpet a beautiful Red Deal wood lay underneath – yes it had seen better days, but we knew we could restore the Red Deal back to its original and beautiful state. The floor boards needed a lot of TLC and many areas needed repairing and boards tightened. Red Deal boards can be particularly tricky to source nowadays but at RH Wood Floors we have a reliable supplier who is always able to meet our demands.

With a little advise from us, Anna decided to have all the carpets uplifted from the entire house and to have the Red Deal Floor sanded and varnished. Anna had in mind a  very specific shade of oak stain she wanted on the floors to complement other furnishings in the house. RH Wood Floors were able find the exact match stain that Anna had hoped for.

Before we started sanding and varnishing the floor we had one of our specialist carpenters come in to repair any damaged floor boards. After all repairs were complete we started the sanding process.

Included in this project was a set of two staircases. One staircase leading down to the basement and another staircase leading up to the first floor. Both Staircases had many layers of thick white gloss paint on them. Anna had requested that she wanted the staircases completely stripped back to their original state. Staircases are usually the most time consuming and labour heavy piece of any refurbishing project. Our team completely sanded back the stair case, buffed and finished with a stain and varnish. This was a complete transformation and Anna was delighted with the results.

floor sanding dublin

floor sanding dublin

We had initially given Anna a turnaround time of 7 days for the refurbishment, however, here at RH Wood Floors we are always looking to exceed our customer expectations and because of this we appointed a much larger team for this project, we were able to complete the project in just over 3 days.  This was a great achievement by our team and we were happy to tell Anna her home was ready to move into much earlier than expected.

There were many exciting parts to this renovation and it was a pleasure to work in this beautiful Georgian home.

Anna was extremely happy with the service that we had provided her with and that we were able to achieve such results within the time frame given.

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