Floor Sanding Near Me

floor sanding near me

A lot of our happy customers were not originally aware that floor sanding was even an option for them when they first decided to look for solutions to address their flooring issues. Instead, thinking they were going to need to install a new floor, laminate or even carpet to cover their floor. In this guide, we give you a rundown on what is involved in the process and why this could be your best option!

What Is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is basically the process of removing the top layers of a wooden floor through sanding with a range of abrasive materials. In addition to timber floors, a variety of different floor types (wood materials) can potentially be sanded, including cork, particleboard, and sometimes parquet.

In some cases, until the old floor coverings are removed and even sanded, that a beautiful wooden floor is revealed. If you are uncertain about what type of timber flooring you have, call us today and we will be very happy to come and take a look for you.

What Is Involved?

Generally, the floor sanding process usually involves three stages: Preparation, Sanding, and Coating. Here is a quick summary of each stage:

Preparation – items such as protruding nails, staples and tacks can seriously damage sanding machines, so these are either removed or punched down. Any adhesives previously used to secure coverings is also removed.

Sanding – the sanding machines begin with coarse sandpaper to remove the old coatings and make sure the floor is flat. Finer grit paper is then used on subsequent sanding’s.

Coating - the application of a protective sealant such as varnish, stain, oil or wax. Each floor finish has its particular strengths and weaknesses but for a home environment with average levels of foot traffic there is little to choose between them.

How Long Is The Process?

On average, we can complete all stages of the floor sanding process within 2-3 days for a residential property. We have 8 work crews who rotate schedules to allow for each stage to be professionally completed before beginning the next stage.

Using the latest design professional sanding machines, not only can we do the work quickly and to the highest standards, they keep any mess (dust is the main culprit here) to an absolute minimum. We pride ourselves on giving you your room back in the same tidy condition it began in, but with a stunning new wood floor!

How Long Will My New Floor Last?

As a general guide, the greater the footfall, the greater the wear and tear, so think about how you can minimise this through mats and rugs for example. With little maintenance and cleaning, you should expect the floor to continue to look good for over 4-5 years. With regular cleaning and sensible precautions, your floor will last much longer, more like 10-15 years!

If you have any questions on this topic or would like to discuss your own wood flooring, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 087-6268100 or email us at info@rhwoodfloors.ie You can view our collection of 5-star reviews here and also watch some of our customer’s testimonial videos here. RH Wood Floors offer a free home visit to discuss your plans, measure up and provide a personalised quote just for you, all backed up by full certification from The National Wood Flooring Association. Get in touch with us today if you are looking for floor sanding near me.

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We have worked dust free sanding all over the country so if you look at Google Reviews you will see that we have more 5 Star reviews than any other sanding company.

Sanding Parquet flooring is a totally different skill and requires a level of understanding and appreciation for the grain of the wood to get it right. 

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