Floor Sanding in Maynooth University

RH Flooring was contacted by Philip Nolan after hearing about some of our successful projects involving floor sanding in Dublin. At first, we didn’t recognise the significance of this call, but after a quick Google search,  we quickly understood the importance of this call and how big this project could be. Philip Nolan is the Chief Officer of Maynooth University. Philip oversees everything that happens within the university, from teaching to capital development or in this case, renovations.

Philip was looking to get a number of halls around the campus sanded and varnished along with a long hallway in one of the main facility buildings. Each of the floors needing renovation were stunning herringbone parquet floors that suit the elegance of Maynooth University in general.

The halls situated in the office buildings were stained darker than regular wood floors when they were first laid. Philip sent us an original picture of the floor and asked us if we could replicate its authentic condition. Despite the significance of this challenge, we had no doubt in our abilities and guaranteed we could bring it back to its former glory.

The long hall in the main building was a beautiful mixture of parquet designs and colours. The sides were made from parquet floorboards in block shapes on both sides. In between these borders was a herringbone parquet layout with a complicated pattern. Every second row of floorboards was a different shade. It alternated from light to dark, and back to light again for the entire length of the floor. It is hard to imagine the time and level of craftsmanship that went into this floor when it was first laid. We assured Philip that we wouldn’t change any part of the design and would bring it back to its original condition through sanding and clear varnish.

Philip wasn’t able to give us much of a time frame to get the work finished, but we were able to co-ordinate our 8 work crews around existing projects to meet his fixed deadline. Philip first contacted us in December and needed us to get the work done over the holiday period since the students would be back at the beginning of January for the start of the new term and their exams.

The project was started on the 20th of December and just the sanding alone continued on to the 23rd of December. We carefully rotated our work crews to get the work done around the college's teaching schedule, but still ensure we met the ultimate deadline. With the sanding completed, the RH Wood Floors staff were able to enjoy a couple of days off for Christmas.

A handful of the crew who had come to appreciate the quality of the college’s floors were willing to work just a few days after Christmas and finished the project before the start of the New Year. One of the crew was our owner Russell, who wanted to get this project finished on time, but secretly just wanted to appreciate the beauty of the finished floors that the staff and students of Maynooth University can now enjoy for many years to come.

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