Floor sanded, stained and varnished

Floor Restoration, Sanding & Staining – Case Study

Peter in Dublin called us in October looking for us to assist him with an exciting restoration project he was undertaking on his house over the following few months.

We firstly had a very enjoyable chat with Peter over the phone to get to know him and importantly begin to understand what it was he wanted to achieve with the restoration of his floors and staircases within his home.

Following a friendly discussion over the phone we arranged for Jason who is one of our longest standing crew members to pay a visit to Peter at his home so they could chat in person and so that Jason could get a clear idea in his head of exactly what this project entailed.

While Jason was on site he advised Peter of all of the services that we offer in terms of floor restoration and all of the options that he had in terms of his floors. Peter was looking to sand his floors and finish them off with quite a dark stain finish.

Jason took the time to do a number of stain samples on a small section of Peter’s floor and discussed each one with him while also offering his advice and expertise on each different stain.

Jason also provided Peter with an itemised and detailed quote for the work that he wanted to undertake.

In the days following the visit, Brendan in the office contacted Peter with a courtesy call following the meeting with Jason to see if he had thought about the work any further and also to ensure any further questions he may have were answered with clarity.

Once Peter was happy with everything we proceeded to workwith him to agree a date for work to commence at his property and also organised for Attila who was the sander assigned to this project to contact Peter to introduce himself.

Attila worked extremely hard on Peter’s floors and staircases in the few weeks that followed to ensure he achieved the exact look and finish that Peter wanted in each of the rooms of hisproperty.

A few lengthy discussions did take place between them both as to what might look best in terms of colour and varnish typeand Attila worked tirelessly until the desired look was achieved.

Brendan in the office ensured to keep in regular touch with Peter to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible and to address and answer any concerns or job details Peter may have wanted clarified.

This floor restoration project is now complete and it is a job that we at RH Wood Floors enjoyed immensely. We take the utmost pride in our work and love nothing more than working with clients to restore their floors to any finish they would like to achieve.

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