Pictures of Sand and Stain stairs in Dublin

Before you start sanding stairs read this


Sanding stairs in Lucan

When we got the call, the question we were asked was can you save my stairs. After years of wear and tear in this family home in Lucan the treads of the stairs were so worn that not one of the 23 stairs was level. The spindles and banister also needed a little love and attention. Now whether you have a fully painted stairs or just the border for a strip of carpet, you are going to need to sand the full tread and riser back and if there is damage or too much wear you are going to need to replace that particular stair, (please be aware that you need to not only find the same type & size of timber, you also need to find a similar age because new timber will respond differently to stain and varnish and can leave you with a patchwork look).

If you have to repair the stairs

When it comes to refurbishment of a wooden staircase you need to ensure that all the treads are even so that the new timber you insert does not become a trip hazard. You can do this by choosing the right tool for sanding stairs. We use a Festool Geared eccentric sander RO (Random Orbital)  but there are a lot of orbital wood sanders out there. 

How long did the wooden staircase take to finish

We spent a couple of days getting everything back to bare wood  and replacing anything that needed it. Then we applied  a custom mahogany stain that the client wanted. The white paint on the stair risers, spindles and banister contrast beautifully with the dark flooring for the stairs tread. Be careful if you are staining after sanding stairs, do a test patch of the wood stain you are using and let it dry. if you still like it when it drys then you are good to go but if it looks different on the sanded stairs than it did in the shop, it is much easier to sand off a small patch rather than the whole staircase. 


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