RH wood floors sanded and seal the parquet flooring in the dylan hotel

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Parquet Installation At The Dylan Hotel

At 3:30 last Friday we got confirmation on a job we had only seen for the first time the day before. Structure Tone who are one of the premier construction companies in Europe if not the world, through no fault of their own found themselves with a serious dilemma. They needed Parquet floors installed, some existing parquet repaired and the whole lot sanded and sealed with a hard wax oil. All seems standard so far right, that is till you hear the best bits.

The work is in one of Dublin’s finest 5-star boutique hotels “The Dylan Hotel” and we only have four days to complete without disturbing the guests.

Of course, we said “No Problem”

At RH Wood Floors We Do What We Say

Through clever scheduling and late nights we worked our way through the Reception area, Bar, Lounge & Library from 7 Am to 11 Pm each day.

This is when having eight teams really pays off, we could stagger our teams to reduce lag time and minimise the disruption to the hotel guests.

The designers had chosen a beautiful Acacia wood block (from the Design Emporium) for the parquet work which looks beautiful and the two coats of hard wax oil we used to seal it, is a really class finish. We still have one more coat to put on the reception floor, but we will have to wait until after midnight when most of the patrons will be sleeping.

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