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Are solid wood floors the right option for you?

So, it’s come to that time when you’re considering new floors for your home, and you don’t know what to choose. There are plenty of options out there from tile to vinyl to solid wood floors. It all depends on your preferences and lifestyle, button course our personal favourite is solid woo flooring just for its beauty and longevity.

Minimal Effort

Some types of floors require more effort than others to clean and maintain them. Tile floors, for example, have grout that clings to dirt and contaminants that might be in your home. Carpeting is just asking for stains and dust and dander build up. Solid wood floors, however, don’t have any grout, are less likely to stain, and can easily be vacuumed, swept, or mopped.

Better Air Quality

Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not trap dust, animal dander, pollen, particulate matter or other common allergens. This means that it’s significantly easier to improve your indoor air quality.  Wood floors are often a must for allergy sufferers.

Why are wood floors better than tile or laminate in terms of air quality? Even though tile and laminate do not have the fibers that carpet has, they still have grout lines and an embossing. These grout lines and embossing are a great place for dust and other allergens to settle.

Long lasting

Some floors need replacing more often than you might like. With tile floors, your tiles may crack, and laminate floors may start to peel, giving you no other option but to replace your flooring. Replacing your floors can be expensive and time-consuming, but solid wood floors allows for the option of refinishing instead. Even if you notice excessive blemishes or discoloration, it can all be fixed by sanding down the wood and adding a new stained finish. It’s much more cost-effective and efficient than replacing your floors every time.Because solid wood flooring can be refinished multiple times before it needs to be replaced, it can last for decades.

Strong & Durable

Being durable is one of the primary reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade to solid wood floors. One of the main reasons this type of flooring is so easy to maintain is partly due to its durability. Sure, they can get scratched or dented, but it’s not easy to do. If you take proper care of your wood floors, the hard surface can last for decades.

Aesthetic Appeal

Solid Wood offers a variety of colours and styles to better match the overall appearance of your home and your style preferences.

Adds Value to Your Home

Wood floors can add value to your home. When it comes time for you to sell your home, buyers will pay more for a house with hardwood than carpet. Many home buyers don’t want carpet, especially somebody else’s carpet. Many home buyers would plan on replacing carpets, which is why they will pay more for a house that already has hardwood floors. Because it’s a feature in the house, wood flooring may even help sell your house faster. For a local supplier of solid wood floors we recommend trying CustomFit Floors & Doors for a large selection of solid wood flooring or Canadia.ie 

If you’d like to learn more about solid wood floors or floor sanding and whether it might be the right choice for you, just give us a call today on 087 6268100.

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