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5 Top Wood Floor Trends 2020

5 Top Wood Floor Trends 2020


Real Hardwood flooring continues to increase in popularity retaining its title as the number one floor choice in the UK. Despite the many products imitating real wood flooring, the vast majority of homeowners still want the real thing! Not only is it beautiful to look at, lovely to walk on and offers you massive flexibility in choosing future colours and finishes, it can also add to the value to your home!

So if you have a real wood floor, have decided that it’s time for a change, but are uncertain of what finish to go with, this guide is just what you need! Here are our top five predictions for wood floor finishes in 2020 and beyond, based on our experience of sanding and staining hundreds of floors. Enjoy!

The many shades of Grey!

Yes, grey is still very much a popular choice for many interior design aspects and wooden flooring is no exception! Over the last couple of years, the popularity of grey has increased significantly, not only in the use of grey but in the variety of different shades of grey available. This trend has been picked up by leading providers of wood stain, who in turn, have released a greater diversity of grey shades.

Combinations of grey & beige, grey & brown, silvered grey and even dark grey / ebonies / blacks are now available and being used to create modern and contemporary room designs.

The light, natural and cool look.

Never far from the top of the current wood trends is the classic natural finish, although in 2020 we are seeing are more muted twist coming in. By this, we mean that the warmer ‘yellows’ are being toned down to more cooler natural looks. Whilst it may seem this effect is just for the more modern room design, it can look just as impressive in more traditional settings too. You are still bringing out the natural tones of your wood flooring, but with lighter, cooler tones as opposed to a yellowish tint.

80s whitewashes are back on trend!

Yes, that’s right, whitewashes from the 80s have been re-invented with a more modern twist to bring them up to date! More subtle in nature and with a more matte finish, this gives your wood flooring a more linear and contemporary style. Try a more subtle whitewash for a more natural look, whilst still giving a lighter and whiter finish. It helps to make spaces look bigger, brighter and more relaxed.

Darker toned stains are still growing!

This decade-old trend is still growing, showing no sign of slowing down or reversing! Quite possibly because as well as the stunning aesthetics achieved, they can be easier on the maintenance and cleaning side. As with many other trends already covered, the latest twist on this trend is to go with more cooler tones and move away from the red or yellow undertones. If ‘true black’ is a little too bold for you, try blending ebony with a dark grey or dark brown.

Wire brushed and textured floors

Wire brushing wood flooring is a more modern take on distressing wood. It still gives the wood a vintage look and feel and enhances the wood grain in a more subtle and modern finish. Wire brushing also adds texture to the floor, nothing like as extreme as distressed wood, but enough to help cover up everyday wear and tear to the floor! Either finish with a single colour stain or if more adventurous, try a dual-toned effect with two passes of stain.

Sanding wood floors and choosing a different stain and finish is one of the main benefits of a wooden floor. The flexibility and versatility to try different designs as trends change or your taste changes makes wooden flooring the best flooring option in our opinion. And the most amazing thing? Sanding and refinishing a wooden floor can be cheaper than laying laminate flooring and finished within just a couple of days!

If you have any questions on this topic or would like to discuss your own wood flooring, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 087-6268100 or email us at info@rhwoodfloors.ie You can view our collection of 5-star reviews here and also watch some of our customer’s testimonial videos here. RH Wood Floors offer a free home visit to discuss your plans, measure up and provide a personalised quote just for you, all backed up by full certification from The National Wood Flooring Association. Thank you for considering RH Wood Floors.

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